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How it works: Short

  1. Pay broker’s fee
  2. Pay for car direct to auction
  3. Pay for transport/pick up if required
  4. Car is delivered

How it works: Extended

If you’re happy to go ahead and want to purchase through us, then to start the process you will need to pay the brokers fee. By paying this fee you agree to pay for all associated fees and charges applicable to purchasing your vehicle. If you decide to change your mind before purchasing a vehicle then 80% of this fee will be returned to you, minus 10% per calendar month.
If after purchasing a vehicle you change your mind, the entire broker’s fee will be forfeited and re-auction fees may apply.


After payment has been made we will start looking for your vehicle. Please advise us what it is you’re looking for in as much detail as possible.

ie: 2009 Holden commodore VE SSV 6SD under 100k ( INCLUDES OUR BROKER FEE)

We will search the auctions we prefer to use for vehicles matching your description. Once a vehicle comes up we will notify you by email. If you are interested we will, if possible, inspect the vehicle in person and bid on your behalf to a maximum that you advise.


If you are successful, payment will need to be made immediately directly to where the vehicle is purchased from.


Once the vehicle is paid for, we will organise for it to be delivered or collected.
At this time we can organise any service work you would like done prior to delivery.


Your car is now ready for delivery! We will then drop the vehicle to you or you can collect from us.
Your vehicle will need to be registered if it isn’t already before you can drive it on the road – alternatively we can organise this for you.