G1Drift !!!!

13. February, 2015


The 2015 format will again involve a top 16 and second 16 battles.

The top 16 and second 16 groups will be determined at each round through qualifying. The top 16 qualifiers go into ‘Group 1 or G1 battles’ and the next 16 qualifiers making up the top 32 qualifiers go into the ‘Group 2’ battles.

Qualifying sessions will be in groups with three 30 minute sessions. Each competitor will be allocated a group. In the 30 minute period each competitor must do two qualifying runs in the allocated time.

‘G1 Open Track’

It will run in two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Both sessions are open to both G1 and non-G1 competitors. The first session will double with the G1 practice from 8:45am (2 hours). The second session will be in the afternoon. Running a session in the afternoon means open track without the pressure of the comp to follow and if you didn’t qualify well there is still ample track time to follow. If the comp finishes earlier then second open track session will start earlier, so potentially there will be even more open track time.

For those entering just the G1 Open track the cost will be $120 which includes the 3 hours + of open track time, garage for the day and a ticket into the event. This is a great opportunity for those who want to get out on track in front of a crowd and work on their skills